Communication Strategies

Your internal + external communications should be your top priority.

This is your opportunity to set the tone for your brand, communicate your key messages, and engage in reputation management through press announcements, newsletters and website copy.

Are you a family-friendly brand with wholesome values? Then be sure to send out neighborly newsletters to just say hi.

By doing so, you’ll develop a warm relationship with your audience and they will feel they can trust you when their washing machine breaks or they want to safely dine out or they just learned that they can redirect their son’s desire to jump off the couch into an energetic parkour class (I speak from experience).

Maybe you’re a pirate who wants the village you’re about to pillage to hear — loud and clear– that you are not “f#*king” around! In that case, a threatening pre-event announcement can be a powerful way to kick things off.

Either way, as an independent communication consultant, I am here to provide guidance. Some of my most popular packages include:

Auditing your company website for clear messaging
Evergreen and custom press kit
Monthly on-demand project management
SEO friendly Blogs
Social Media guidelines and checklist

My communication strategy and service capabilities are endless, learn more now.