Copywriting Services

How will a copywriter help my business?”

First: Find Your People

Your target audience (whether they are consumers, business partners or influencers), want to be informed, entertained and feel confident in what you have to offer.

For example, a message in a bottle that says, “help!” is not that exciting. However, one that reads, “I am cute girl from Kansas stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean with Ginger Grant! Bring help and wine!” is definitely going to generate some buzz.

I will help you identify, craft and fine tune your brand messaging and story so that your business remains top of mind.

Next: Speak Their Language!

What key pain point can you help your consumers or businesses with? And how can you say it in a way that makes sense whether you are sharing it on your website, a press release, sales materials, social media?

Let’s say you had to tell a dolphin that her lunch was ready. Under water you should use sonar but poolside I’d suggest clicks and hand gestures. Above all, using the right communication in the right situations can make or break a situation. You don’t want a hangry dolphin, they are brutal.

I will produce copy that has purpose and clarity for each medium you choose.

Finally: Sign Up for Monthly Concierge Copy Services

In addition to fresh, original copy, I do on-demand rewrites, tweaks, light proofreading, expert suggestions and document organization.

Think of me as your hotel concierge, readily available to make your life easier!

Gennifer is a creative dynamo. Her ideas are insightful. Her content is clever. Possessing and applying a practical magic in all her work, she elevates brands with ease and elan. If you are looking for a passionate, word-savvy maven of marketing, you want Gennifer working for you. She is, by far, one of the best in the game.

Mark Campbell, Words’ Worth Communications Consulting

“Gennifer was a godsend at Nick at Nite and TV Land – first, coming to the rescue in writing the Dick Van Dyke chapter in our Nick at Nite book – then providing an endless stream of hilarious ideas fueled by her passion for pop culture mixed with something magical that is all hers. A master of anecdote, a charming and witty copywriter, I recommend her to one and all!”

Tom Hill, formerly Nick @ Nite, TV Land currently COZI TV.