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Marketing is a form of storytelling. It is not a one-size-fits-all-formula.

Every brand has a story worth sharing complete with bullet points unique to that individual company, org or person.

The narrative should be engaging, it should form an emotional connection to the desired audience and ideally it should be entertaining.

Think about some of your favorite marketing campaigns of all time.

Why did you resonate with those ads?

If it’s an older ad, does it still evoke certain emotions?

Did it make you try the brand or at least talk about it?

Here are a few campaigns from the past several years that I really enjoyed (and why):

Old Spice “Smellcome to Manhood”

First of all that copy line makes me green with envy and entertained at the same time.

Next, I developed a newly-formed connection to women who were moms to boys (specifically teenaged boys but I’m sure this will continue along my consumer journey as he becomes an adult).

I am still the one who purchases products for him and this became top of mind forever and ever.

Link includes three variations, I love the last one the best!

Levi’s “Circles”

I am a dancer. I will dance anywhere.

I love celebrating life with all different kinds of people.

Levi’s fit me well but I haven’t owned a pair in decades.

This marketing campaign shows how their different styles is a part of different cultural celebrations and it really struck a chord with me. 

I want to be in all of those scenes and now I want Levi’s because the brand seems to be aligned with my heart and soul. It ends with the tagline, “Let’s Live How We Dance.” 

Yes! Agreed! Let’s!

#FinishIT / Truth

This anti-smoking org has put out many amazing campaigns. But the one that I really saw sink in with my kids was the one that spoke about the impact on pets.  And it’s not done in a preachy way (a total turn off for kids and teens). I love how it also empowers the audience to be the generation to end tobacco use. Very cool!

Essie Nail Polish Collection

My manicure process is simple.

I pick up a color I like. If I also like it’s name, It stays. If I do not like it’s name it goes back.

Same color, different names. “Lucky Penny” or “Rusted Nails.” Which would you choose?

Essie is one of my favorite companies that puts out a collection based on a theme (and an underlying story that sets up how you’ll feel wearing those colors).

Recently they launched a Tea Time collection for spring with colors like “Pinkies Out,” “Tiers of Joy,”  “Reign Check” and “Teacup Half Full.” 

Not pictured but another brand that never ceases to amaze me with how they spin their story is Pizza Hut (how many ways can you make pizza new again? they seem to have the secret recipe).

SIDE BAR: When I was a young girl watching Saturday morning cartoons, I was watching the commercial breaks. That is where I saw the sugary cereals, McDonald’s, toys and more. Those storylines were far more entertaining and — quite frankly — better written than some of the shows. There! I said it!

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