Project Management

In a perfect world, projects would move smoothly along a straight line.

However, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter speed bumps and little fires everywhere. A good PM is flexible, fast-thinking and able to see the tiny details and the 10,000 foot view at the same time. It is also imperative to be able to work well with others!

Project managers are like camp directors. We ensure there are enough beads at Arts & Crafts, that our s’mores budget lasts through the end of summer and that nobody steps in poison ivy.

My project management expertise also taps into my training in “Dealing with Difficult People” and “DISC Work Styles” so I pride myself on not only getting the job done but making friends along the way.

First, I gather, organize and name your files in an intuitive manner. As a result, we will start the project off on the right foot and never have to play “where are my keys?!” I also produce and maintain timelines, budgets, creative revisions and final delivery as needed.

My project management services are efficient, budget-friendly and, quite frankly, the fastest way to cross over the finish line each and every time.

Some of my most popular packages include:
Administrative Support
Future planning and timelines
Home office and virtual team organization
Monthly on-demand project management
Project coordination and workflow

My project management services and capabilities are endless, learn more now.

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