Brand Marketing

Consumers make big decisions based on brand marketing.

Think about cars, for example. Which car do you identify with and why? Which car delivers a promise that aligns with your own values or aspirations? Aside from price and gas mileage, which car would be your #1 choice and what would owning that car tell others about you?

Using nature as examples think about the “brand marketing” around a pigeon vs a dove. They are both doves actually but let’s list some of their “brand attributes” and maybe their “buyer personas”

PIGEON is a NYC icon with a distinctive walk who delivers non-speaking extra performances for TV and film.
The pigeon’s buyer persona could be: a 30-something talent booker whose clients include Bert from Sesame Street.

DOVE is an international icon symbolizing peace who delivers hope at music festivals and weddings.
The dove’s buyer persona could be a: future bride whose pinterest board has a vegan wedding cake and a Stevie Nicks cover band.

They are both doves and pretty much do the same things. But based on their design, messaging, look and feel and narrative which bird would you choose to hire for the wedding?

I will ensure your brand has its own authentic personality, story and style to help it stand out from the others but, more importantly, connect with the right audience.

Branding and Marketing packages include:

Creative Services – design, copy and production team
Custom directions to choose from
Final deliverables including a bank of creative assets
Post-launch promotions marketing plan

My brand marketing and creative service capabilities are endless, learn more now.

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