I’m the co-host of YOUR PRACTICAL MAGIC, a real-talk podcast that combines humor and insight to what trips us up in everyday life. What’s different about us?

We’re energy-based healers and coaches and we’re sharing quick, practical tips and techniques so you can expand your toolbox and meet life’s challenges with more grace, east & joy!

Making Space for the New Your Practical Magic

In our final episode of the year, we speak with Rosemary Flannery, about how to go from clutter to clarity while clearing a path to happiness and making space for more grace, ease and joy. This is the perfect episode to inspire some big and small ways to neatly put 2020 away and step into 2021 with clarity and vision, including: How an organized space can help you live your best life Get past overwhelm with simple exercises When to let go of things that no longer make you smile Why turning a blind eye to a particular room may have a deeper meaning for you Plus, Rosemary brings a holiday gift! Listen for an exclusive YPM free 60-min consultation offer. Happy decluttering, space-making and warm wishes for the brightest future!
  1. Making Space for the New
  2. The Presence of Presents + a Heartfelt Gift Guide
  3. Family Gathering Cheer
  4. The Magic of the Beatles, with guest Ken Dashow
  5. This Magic Moment with YPM's Common Sense Mystics
  6. Crystals 101: May the Quartz Be With You
  7. The Divine Feminine
  8. What Kind of Bird Are You?
  9. Why Win-Wins Work with Peggy Kim, Founder of Future Now Media Foundation
  10. August rePLAY: Tina to Table

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