Fun Facts

I’ve never had the traditional pre-requisites
for any job I’ve ever taken.

My desire to see how far I can expand, coupled with the many amazing hiring managers who took a chance on me have led me to action-packed adventures such as Publicist, Marketer, Copywriter, Project Manager and more!

  • I helped develop a Maserati radio station giveaway before I was old enough to drive
  • I once worked in a men’s dressing room pinning pants for alterations (they were mostly Girbaud jeans FYI)
  • I won an award for selling the most silk at Victoria’s Secret when I was only 17 years old
  • I was hired as a bouncer at a bar in Kansas just because I was from NY and had a motorcycle jacket
  • I was a contributing writer for a best-selling book about classic TV
  • I lost Larry Hagman’s wife in a limo on the way to an interview (BUT THEN I FOUND HER)
  • I devised/orchestrated a way to get TV Land into the Guinness Book of Records
  • I filled in as Magenta at a Rocky Horror screening
  • I was a social media ghostwriter for Roberta Flack
What CAN’T I do?
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Watch the News
  • Subtract

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