I am a writer. I didn’t become one. I just am.

I first became aware in 2nd grade when I wrote an entire play on my own called “Holly Hobbie’s Slumber Party.” My teacher was so impressed she allowed my class to participate and we put the show on for the other 2nd grade classes.

I also began writing a diary that year (which I still have). It was a blend of non-fiction (today my brother put his socks in the toilet) and fiction (today I met John Travolta, he is in love with me).

As I reached high school, I noticed I wrote my very best work in math class. There, I developed short story series like “Sid Vicious Goes to Camp” and “One Dismal Day in Malibu.” I also ghost wrote notes for friends to their secret crushes, frenemies and even to their parents to whole-heartedly explain their side of a story or unexpressed troubles.

My senior year of high school, my parents took me to see an off-OFF-Broadway play called “Psycho Beach Party” by Charles Busch. The dialogue set me on fire and cemented the fact that I was a writer and wanted to continue on that path. I wrote to Charles Busch asking what I should studying in college and he sent a return letter instructing me to study Literature. Which I did.

My path has since taken me on all kind of amazing work-experience-adventures. Career highlights include writing memorable copy for ads, articles, blogs, internal communication, marketing, newsletters, publicity, sales, social media posts and websites for:

Entertainment & Media:
Bravo, Conde Nast, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, North County News, Oxygen, Sony Music, NBCUniversal’s Diversity & Inclusion as well as Erase the Hate, Spike TV, Static-Free Media, TV Land, USA Network, The Examiner Newspapers.

Educational Institutions, Organizations & Non-Profits:
All Aboard Daycare, Cheetah Learning (PMP), Equality for HER, Soundview Preparatory School, Westchester Family Magazine, Women in Cable Television.

Brands & Small Businesses:
2nd Nature Skatepark, Green Apple Marketing, The Home Spa and infant brands like Tummy Time™ and WubbaNub™.