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5 Tips to Navigate Your Career Path from the Starting Line

Launching a career can feel overwhelming especially if this is your very first time. That’s why I’m sharing 5 tips I’ve followed for over 30+ years which still ring true today. I hope you find these inspiring and helpful. #1 – “There is no such thing as no,” my parents.  Your wishes, goals and dreams … Continue reading 5 Tips to Navigate Your Career Path from the Starting Line

What I #ChooseToChallenge on International Women’s Day #IWD2021

Today is International Women’s Day and I #ChooseToChallenge believing, repeating and perpetuating that once we are over 40 or 50 or 60 or 70, we are nearing the end of our career. I recently attended a networking group I’ve belonged to for many years. It’s all women in one industry who are connecting each other … Continue reading What I #ChooseToChallenge on International Women’s Day #IWD2021

Diversity in Action Magazine Fall 2020

UC Merced educates the highest percentage of first-generation and low-income students in the state university system. It also takes pride in reflecting its diverse student body with its staff and leadership.

Diversity in Action Magazine May/June 2020

Just as Apple’s “think different” hit the marketplace, the forward-thinking Worcester Polytechnic Institute did just that. They thought differently and broke away from the conventional educational formula so they could empower students from all over the world to shape their own experience through project-based learning.
Seeing the big picture that IT touches every industry imaginable, WPI is now once again ahead of the trend, unveiling an updated Information Technology MS program to ensure that graduates have a deep understanding not just of the “how” but the “why” with a focus on business analytics and more. – Career Changer Starter Kit

Why rewriting your internal narrative should come before redoing your resume. As published on Arianna Huffington’s THRIVE GLOBAL I love reinventing myself, learning new things and taking off-roading adventures. In my career I have successfully moved from publicity to marketing to advertising among other professions. Each role gave me incredible new skills and the ability … Continue reading – Career Changer Starter Kit – Hate in the Age of Multiculturalism

Schools face a formidable challenge in coming to grips with bigotry and the anti-social behavior that animates it. They can’t appear to take sides in a way that marginalizes any one group. Their role is to remain neutral for the most part, to sustain a sense of tradition to make some people happy, and to add curriculum or ideas that satisfy others.

Gennifer with a G Blog – Hair I am with my authenticity!

Getting back to authenticity and what that meant for me in the workplace, I knew it was time to cut bait and be my own thing. I had a beautiful image from a co-worker who wanted me to get back to who I was and now I needed a tagline to go with it. My brain shot off dozens of options. My hair and I agreed upon, “every curl on my head is an idea” because it is true and I am true.

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