I work with businesses and with individuals to:

  • define their brand
  • craft their messaging
  • get the word out


25+ years of experience working on launches and re-brands for companies including Comedy Central, TV Land and Spike TV


Copy writing for advertising, marketing, publicity and content creation for companies including Bravo, Lifetime and USA Networks


Internal and external strategies and execution for companies including Nickelodeon and NBCUniversal’s Diversity & Inclusion

Mentoring, Career Coaching and Personal Branding

25+ years of experience working with
individuals ranging from middle school students through professional adults.


  • Positive Psychology (issued 2019)
    by Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science via Coursera
  • Reiki Master (issued 2014)
    by New York Open Center
  • Accelerated Learner (issued 2008)
    by Cheetah Learning, Project Management
  • IMPACT leadership summit (2017)
    NBCUniversal’s Diversity & Inclusion
  • The Huddle Steering Committee (2001)
    MTV Networks Training & Development
  • Dealing with Difficult People (1999)
    MTV Networks Training & Development

“Every curl on my head is an idea.”

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