For starters, I write copy for marketing materials.

After all, you can’t “get the word out” if you don’t know which words to choose.

My writing has appeared in best-selling books, award-winning sales materials, buzz-worthy press releases, diplomatic text responses and educational blogs and articles. Sidebar: my very favorite words: Noodle, Milk, Squirrel and, of course, the F word.

Brand Marketing

Secondly, I deliver marketing strategies and solutions that align with messaging and branding.

Undoubtedly, the riches are in the niches so I dig deep to unearth the best brand marketing and positioning strategies to elevate your business or product.

Great marketing solutions will make your customer feel an emotional connection to your brand.

Communication Strategies

Often, I’m asked to help with internal and external communications planning and execution. Press releases, newsletters, pitch strategies and publicity stunts are all in my DNA.

I got my start in 2nd grade during our Show and Tell presentations. I often promoted the Woody Woodpecker episode I saw that morning. I’m confident I was responsible for increased ratings weekdays 6-7am on WPIX-NY.

Project Management

With my 10 years as a Project Manager for Bravo plus earning my accelerated learner certificate from Cheetah PMP, I have been busy as a beaver.

Something about setting up organized files, overseeing timelines and workflow, sourcing talent and team members and general administrative support makes me feel like I just saw the greatest sunrise ever!

PS. I am a morning person and am most productive between 7-10am. Weekends included.

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